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A personal AI assistant powered by generative AI that optimizes work, provides instant answers, boosts innovative thinking, and helps you collaborate with your team.

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Generate great ideas and spark creativity

Zipy can write code, generate high-quality content, and help you develop new ideas,
research on any topic, all while making the process smoother, simpler, and quicker.

Write with AIĀ 

Enrich your writing experience with Zipy that generates high-quality content for blogs, captions, taglines, slogans, essay, and more

Generate code

Whether you're a seasoned programmer or an expert, Zipy helps you to write clean and standard code efficiently.

Brainstorm on topics

Provide content topics and brainstorm with Zipy to explore countless angles, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

Ask general questions

Ask Zipy for facts, trivia, or topics related to any subject and get accurate answers to satisfy your curiosity.

Zipy helps to interact with anydone

Quick progress checks

Zipy effortlessly enables the tracking of team members' task progress and provides a view of their completed, ongoing, and pending tickets.


To do lists and reminders

Be more productive by creating a to-do list with Zipy and it makes sure you remember everything by giving you reminders.


Get team members' details instantly

You can ask Zipy for team members' details, such as their email addresses and phone numbers, and instantly it will provide you with the information.


Zipy, powered by generative AI automates tasks, and gets the job done smartly