Project Management

Reinventing project management where productivity meets innovation

Bringing teams together, where priorities become clear, so that every member understands their role, what they're aiming for, and can move toward a common goal.

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From chaos to control

A centralized platform that structures project management by streamlining workflows through easy task creation, seamless assignment, progress tracking, and more. 


Create multiple projects 

Enhance your project management efficiency by effortlessly creating, managing, and overseeing multiple projects all in one place.


Reinvented user interface

Reinvented UI that simplifies project management with a list view, see project workflows, members, teams, tickets flow, project files, and labels for task visibility.

Insightful dashboard

Dynamic dashboard that helps you create and track tasks and boards, monitor project progress, analytics, total tickets, due tickets, to-dos, work in progress list, and more


Ticket workflow

Plan and create clear workflows for all activities to streamline work completion, manage tasks, and visualize progress.


AI-powered project management

Save time and boost productivity with our project automation features like auto assign, duplicate ticket checks, auto ticket suggestions.

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Ticket folder

Ticket Folder is a centralized hub for managing and organizing tickets, allowing you to view all your tickets in board, calendar, and list views, and utilizing labels to efficiently tag and categorize them, ultimately helping you stay on top of your tasks like never before.



Outline the long-term vision and direction of your projects or products by creating a comprehensive Roadmap with a visual timeline. Keep track of it and seamlessly make adjustments to the project plan as needed.



Create Forms such as surveys, quizzes, and feedback. Collect real-time responses for instant insights and analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly based on the gathered information and data.

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Effortlessly create, edit, share, and collaborate on online Paper in real-time, providing an interactive experience for teams working together on the same document from different locations.

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Ticket Reports

Stay up to date with advanced Reports and get different views and more powerful options to enhance your project insights, covering time estimates, completed tasks, time tracking, and an easy method to measure your team's productivity.


Organize, manage, and execute tasks

Teams working from different timezone may have difficulty collaborating. anydone notifies and draws the line for better.

Create tickets faster and more efficiently by filling the ticket fields with relevant suggestions.

Prevent creating tickets that have already been created within the task board to avoid the repetition of tickets and ensure error-free project management.

Create sub-tasks within the tickets for further breaking down the tasks and completing tickets efficiently.

Ask for approval from your project manager for the tickets you're going to carry out next and get approved before you start working.

Create a checklist to note down all the tasks within the ticket for achieving them efficiently without missing any important activity.

Let your stakeholders, short-term employees, and interns participate in tasks and view the project statuses as guests by providing them restricted access.

Enhance efficiency and save time by placing important or frequently visited project boards in the filters, ensuring easy access.

Clone an issue and make a copy of it and creates a new version of the issue with the same details as the original. 

Changing the way we manage tasks through an innovative and revolutionary approach