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Why we started?

In the current business world, it’s common for organizations to have teams spread across the world. While this provides access to skilled individuals, also imposes significant challenges such as aligning teams on a common path, effective communication, productivity, teamwork, etc.

With the challenge in mind, we formed a team of innovative individuals sharing a common goal: building a solution that brings real change to how we work. And, that's how anydone was brought into reality, an all-in-one collaboration platform that maximizes productivity for managing tasks, projects, and teams more effectively and efficiently.


What we do?

anydone provides a one-stop solution for teams to communicate, collaborate, and work together for greater productivity and success. We understand the importance of work-life balance, and that's why we strive to simplify complex tasks and offer a solution that helps teams achieve their goals with ease.

Our ultimate goal is to help teams work together more efficiently and effectively, so they can achieve maximum outcomes and reach new heights of success.


Our Core Values


Committed to staying ahead in terms of technology so we can provide our users latest features.


We empower teams through a collective effort by providing tools and features tailored for effective collaboration.


Aim to provide extensive collaborative features for teams, ensuring unparalleled productivity and reduced workflow complexity.


Provide an automation ecosystem for teams to be free from repetitive tasks so they can focus on important work.


We aim to provide teams a clear visibility into task and project progress so they can identify issues early on.

User Experience

Built with an intuitive and user-friendly interface so users of all skill levels can use it seamlessly.

Our Teams

Yakov Mermelstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Dipak Malla

CEO & Co-Founder

Ashok Kumar Pant

CTO & Co-Founder

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