Auto Assign

Optimizing project management by saving time

Powerful AI that analyzes project members' workload and availability and automatically assigns tickets based on it, saving time so you can complete the project faster.

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Redefining project efficiency with automated task assignments 

A transformative approach to project management that revolutionizes how tasks are assigned through an innovative auto-assign system.

Changing the way you assign tasks

Eliminate the need to spend excessive time on assigning tickets; our smart system does it for you, making things a super easy, quick, and swift process.


Automatically assigns tasks to the right people, always

Our smart AI ensures that tasks are assigned to the right team member every time, maximizing the efficiency of the assignment process and optimizing project management.


Reduce workload and

Auto-assign function significantly decreases workload and stress by taking charge of task assignments, saving you time and effort, so you can focus on what truly matters.


Achieve more with

By enabling teams to focus on completing tasks instead of wasting time on manual ticket assignments, productivity is enhanced, allowing them to achieve more in a limited time.


Get your projects done
on time

Stop spending time needlessly searching for team members to assign tickets. Our system analyzes their workloads, and pending tasks, and assigns tickets automatically.

Automate your way to project success with auto assign