External Teams

Enhance collaboration by inviting external teams

Invite guests and companies within your workspace and collaborate on specific tasks and projects to achieve success together.

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Collaborate in DMs and CoSpaces

Maximize productivity by engaging with external teams through DMs or by adding them to CoSpaces, and together work on innovative ideas.


Effective cross-functional collaboration

Cross-functional collaboration by connecting with clients, shareholders, and partners within your workspace to share updates, progress, and discuss. 


Invite to a specific project

Invite customers, partners, clients, and vendors to a specific project to get feedback or discuss, and share information collectively.


Set the right permissions

Decide how much access guests and companies should get, and allow them to access only specific aspects of your workspace.


Time limit

Set a time limit while inviting external teams, so that their access expires automatically on a specified date.


Allow teams from invited companies to join

Grant permission to your invited companies to bring their own teams to participate in a particular project or any other collaborative activity.


Collaboration with no limits, witness the wonders of collective effort