AI-powered MeetAssist that makes the most out of every conversation

Get automatic transcription, summaries, action items, and insights from your meetings for productive interaction, effective teamwork and clear communication.

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Automatic meeting transcription

Converting spoken words into written text, making it easier for teams to understand and focus on the conversation rather than note-taking, enhancing seamless communication.


Get the gist of any discussion, in seconds

Instantly get summaries or meeting minutes based on the transcribed text from your meeting, making it easy to recall what was discussed.


Record and keep discussed ideas safe

Record your meeting transcription to preserve important discussions or ideas, search for information or details, and refer back to them whenever needed.


Find what you need, without breaking a sweat

Handy search option to quickly find exactly what you need from all the text generated during discussions, saving time and making sure you get the right information.


Language is no longer a barrier to collaborate

Transform transcribed text into any language with translation so you can collaborate across languages for a more connected and productive environment.


Save time and make meeting more understandable

Our timestamps on a transcript keep things organized, helps understand who said what, and makes it handy for referring back to important moments.


Take immediate action right after your meeting's wrap-up

Our actionable Items in transcription effortlessly extract information from meetings and enable to create tickets, scheduling, set reminders, to-do lists. This amplifies productivity by ensuring that every crucial detail is captured and acted upon.


MeetAssist that gives you the power to focus on the conversation, not the notes