AI-Powered Collaboration that brings team closer

Powerful collaboration platform designed to make project management easy with smooth communication and advanced AI for enhanced productivity.

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Remote Teamwork

The luxury of working from any part of the world yet always staying connected to teams.

No matter where your team members are located or what time zone they're in, our platform brings everyone together and makes collaboration seamless. 

CoConnect with remote teams instantly and discuss, coordinate, and communicate smoothly in real-time regardless of distance.

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An AI-powered meeting assistant with automatic transcriptions, summaries, actionable items, and easily generates valuable insights from each conversation.

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Upload files with drag and drop and share them seamlessly from DMs, CoSpaces, or projects, and you can also share codes with teams without any hassle.

Schedule CoConnect so that remote or on-site teams communicate effectively and empower them to be well-prepared for more focused and productive discussions.

Record and share your screen with ease to communicate ideas and resolve issues clearly, reducing the chances of confusion.

Connect with teams that speak different languages using our translation, and coordinate or collaborate with them without any communication issues.

Get a clear overview of your team members' schedules and tasks by accessing their calendars, viewing their tickets and personal holidays, and stay up-to-date for seamless collaboration and coordination.

Balanced Work-Life and Productivity

A healthy balance in work-life no matter where you work from with maximum
productivity at all times.

Get notified about your peers’ workdays, available timings for work, holidays and leaves so that you’re well notified about their availability and frame the work plans accordingly.

View all unread messages in a clustered manner based on similar topics being discussed in each of the conversations while you are away for a longer period of time.

Set priorities on your tasks and manage activities accordingly with a feature that sends reminders to reply, so you can focus on your tasks strategically.

Working in a corporate setting, users are bound to be bombarded with messages every now and then. So, scheduling messages ahead of time saves a lot of time and keeps things light.
Team Collaboration

All your teams in one digital platform

Strong communication and effective collaboration are key to a successful business. Build yours with anydone.

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Project Management

Reinvented project management

Our project management that empowers to efficiently handle multiple projects at once, and with an array of features, it ensures successful completion on time.

  • Auto Assign 
  • Powerful dashboard

  • Ticket Folder and Scrums

  • Advanced Analytics

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Automate the mundane, focus on the important

Break free from the monotony of repetitive tasks, our powerful automation creates rooms for creativity, innovation and enhances team productivity.


Securing data and information by following all security measures

We make sure your personal data and information are safe and protected and carefully follow all the necessary security rules and regulations.

  • Encrypts data at rest and data in transit 

  • Audit Logs and integrated with DLP

  • Compliance with TLS 1.2 protocols, AES256 encryption

  • Uses SHA2 signatures

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Find all your preferred apps in one place

Sync with your pre-used apps and make necessary changes from anydone without having to go back and forth.

  • Drive

  • GitHub

  • Dropbox


Manage efficient workspaces with effective teams

Build efficient and result-oriented teams with well-managed and tailor-made digital workspaces.

  • Multiple Workspace

  • Invite External Teams

  • User Permissions


Powerful AI-based forms to ease data collection

Simplified and interactive approach to data collection with a conversational interface.

  • AI-Powered

  • Form Auto-Fillup

  • Conditional Fields


There's more to learn


Create a Post

Send links, codes, or lengthy notes, and once it is sent, download the file in html, xml, json or txt format


Audio/Video Message

Easily send audio and video messages from anywhere DMs, Cospaces, or subjects. 


React to Messages

Leave reactions to your peers' messages with different emojis to show your acknowledgment or appreciation.


Search Anything

Find anything on your workspace like messages, persons, files, tickets, etc with our powerful search feature.


Pin Progress

Get quicker access to your tickets, boards, files, and projects by pining it in the message conversation.


Browse CoSpaces

View all your joined and public CoSpaces and Subjects within your workspace, and choose to leave, join, or delete them.

Single platform to deliver better decisions, stronger teams, and improved workflow