Screen Recording

Record and share for when words just aren't enough

Record and share your screen to effortlessly convey concepts and address issues with clarity, minimizing the chances of any misunderstandings.

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Not just only show but also explain

Share and record screen with audio to effortlessly explain ideas and problems and make your recorded videos more understandable and clear, leaving no room for confusion.


Catch the eye of your viewers

Record your screen in high quality, showcasing every important detail, and ensuring viewers won't miss a thing.


Make it more informative and appealing

Draw to display specific information while recording your screen, it's an interactive approach that makes your recording not only informative but also visually captivating.


Record and share with anyone easily 

Record and instantly share your screen recordings in DMs, CoSpaces, or subjects, so that you can get immediate solutions to your problems.


No more vague bug reports

Record your screen to demonstrate an issue or bug, then create a ticket and assign it, making it an effective method that simplifies technical issue reporting and resolution.


Add clarity and make it more collaborative

Change your recorded video with a new voice-over in any language and pause and explain issues or ideas at any point of the recorded video to provide detailed insights.


Save time, avoid repeating yourself

Share your existing recording so you don't have to record the same issues again and you can also add new voice over and explain your ideas and issues seamlessly.


Share your screen with clarity to convey and resolve issues instantly